PREVIOUS MONTH AD BUYERS DEADLINE FOR NEXT MONTH'S AD SLOT: 15TH OF THE CURRENT AD MONTH If a current Ad Buyer does not RENEW by the end of the day on the 15th of the month of their current Ad, then that Ad slot will be available to purchase.
This Ad Display is located between two Menu Boards. Your Ads will get prime Ad Space at Tha' Dawg House located in Radford, VA! MONTHLY AD RATE $50 / PER MONTH AD SIZE & FILE TYPE SCREEN SIZE: 1920 w x 1080 h (Pixels) FILE TYPES: JPG, PNG, MP4, AI, PSD, PDF AD TYPES STATIC ADS (0:15 Seconds) VIDEO ADS (0:15 Seconds) AD SLOT OPTIONS MONTHLY ADS DISPLAY SCREEN TYPES MENU WALL MOUNTED DISPLAY Price includes Artwork / Ad creation services from Ballpark Signs.